lørdag den 22. november 2008

Hang on...

Things are getting weird, things are getting tough
Nothing's making sense but you keep on looking up
They tell you to be true, you're trying every day
You keep it on the real, still you gotta find a way
To make your mama happy, to make your papa proud
You gotta turn it up but all you hear is turn it down

So gather round I'm here to say
You'll never make everybody's day
But while you're around you might as well
Catch the tiger by his tail

And hang on hang on hang on
Everybody just
Get on get on get on get started
Just go on go on go on
Everybody just hang on

Sometimes I wanna cry and throw the towel in
They try to beat me down but I'll take it on the chin
And everywhere I go the people are the same
They just wanna know that everything will be OK
Things are getting rough, turn it back around
You gotta turn it up when they tell you tone it down

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